Vivatech 2018 : ma sélection des exposants Smartcity et Construction

Vivatech 2018 : ma sélection des exposants Smartcity et Construction

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Le salon Vivatech a ouvert ses portes ce jeudi 24 mai. Beaucoup de conférences, énormément d’exposants, une multitude de nouvelles technologies y sont présenté. Pour vous faciliter la tâche, j’ai entrepris de faire une sélection des exposants en lien avec les thèmes de la construction et de la smartcity.


Ôfildesvoisins offers future neighbors help to form the co-inhabitant group. Thanks to our specially created matching algorithm, we are helping to accelerate participative real estate programs.


Simply and Durably, connect a human to a complex information system through the construction in front of him. In the construction ecosystem, 360SmartConnect optimizes the building process and then broadcast new value-added services during the all lifetime of the building.


XpertEye is a mobile, hands-free and secure videoconferencing solution for smart glasses.


BIM : « Building Information Modeling » is the Digitization of the Construction Industry.

CHAIN : Blockchain is the « Trust Machine » the BIM needs. is the Missing Link in the BIM Revolution.


We develop a platform that allows stakeholders in the construction industry to access multiple engineering software through virtual workstations and charge per hour of use.


The Bloc in Bloc application uses augmented reality and virtual reality to fully exploit the BIM model on site. The user imports his IFC model on the Bloc in Bloc secure platform and, with a few clicks, downloads the application onto his tablet or HoloLens.


BulldozAIR is a web and mobile platform that helps companies deliver their construction projects on time and on budget. We enable corporate owners, contractors and engineering teams to collaborate on project tasks on the same platform and automate reporting


E-ATTRACT : smart geospatialized datas, for decision making. With, e-attract enables citizens to find the best place to live. As data & territories experts, we help public & private operators to develop and distribute attractive, highly personalized offers.


Fluicity is a social network that enables both citizens and decision-makers (public authorities, non-profits, and local businesses) to propose, discuss, and decide the future of their territories together.


SMATI powered by Hxperience is a SmartBuilding solution leveraging IoT and predictive analysis to collect, analyse and value building’s data. SMATI enable real estate operators and managers to improve operational efficiency, reduce carbone footprint and optimise occupants comfort.


Idea Hunt is an open innovation platform that is supercharged with augmented reality and blockchain.


Immersive Business Advantage has been an expert for 4 years in creating immersive virtual Matterport tours to promote your existing space. IBA is also 3D creation, virtual reality experiences and augmented reality.


IRLYNX develops advanced people activity sensors for the smart building market. We deliver accurate data about building occupancy: presence/absence, people counting, positions and trajectories. Applications include building automation, energy savings, and space management.


Jooxter is a Saas plug and play solution available via web and mobile application that helps businesses to manage and to optimise their work spaces in real time, as well as to improve a well-being of the employees moving towards flexible working environment.


Les Companions develops assistant robots for the building industry with a 1st use case on painting works. Our robots can sand and apply paint. The robots work in collaboration with the humans and operate on the dull, and hard tasks, while the humans work on the more noble tasks.


OpenDataSoft is a complete online platform designed to quickly and economically transform all types of data and APIs into innovative services. Its mission is to facilitate the publication, sharing and re-use of data by business users and to stimulate the creation of applications.


A robot that takes care of your wellbeing and the energy efficiency of buildings? This is Diya One X, worldwide innovation in mobile IoT and gateway devices. Completely autonomous and open platform, it monitors the building’s environmental quality and purifies the indoor air.


Active and connected sound masking solution dedicated to improve comfort and concentration of shared offices users.


Snapkin is specialized in 3D scanners’ data treatment (points cloud). Its patented artificial intelligence technology allows to modelize existing buildings in a faster way and therefore, making BIM easily accessible for property assets renovation or buildings’ operations.


SYSLOR allows the visualization of buried networks in Augmented Reality, on smartphone or glasses, for cities, networks operators, construction and roadworks companies.


The automatic way to digitilize 2D drawings into BIM.


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Crédit photo : Jean-Claude Guilloux

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